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 Introducing CJ Coolidge
In a world teeming with noise, CJ Coolidge learned early on that blending in was a ticket to invisibility. It wasn't about being the loudest; it was about being the most distinct. This understanding would shape his destiny.

His journey began over three decades ago in the sprawling world of Professional Business Services. Here, he saw companies strive, struggle, soar, and sometimes stagnate. But more crucially, he noticed a pattern: those who stood out weren't just surviving—they were thriving. CJ became obsessed with one question: How do you transform an ordinary service into an extraordinary market leader?

He rolled up his sleeves and delved deep, seeking answers. Years of research, hands-on practice, trial, and triumph culminated in the birth of "Differentiation Works." But this wasn't just another business tool; it was a philosophy—a belief that every service, no matter how common, has the potential to become invaluable.

Differentiation Works is more than a program; it's the embodiment of CJ's unwavering belief that with the right strategy and mindset, any business can lead the market. Under his guidance as a Fractional Chief Differentiation Officer, he's transformed countless services, enabling them to not only stand out but also lead.

Today, as you read his story against the backdrop of his contemplative gaze, CJ invites you to embark on a transformative journey. A journey where your service isn't merely one among many but the one that leads the pack.

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What's in it for you?

Distinct Identity in Your Industry

Stand out in the market. Leverage experience, tools, and expertise to craft a compelling identity that differentiates you from everyone else.

Influential Market Positioning

Become an industry leader. Reap the benefits of results-driven strategies that solidify your standing as the go-to solution provider in your market.

Outsized Competitive Advantage

Compete effectively against larger competitors. Access premium-grade, enterprise-level marketing strategies and tools that empower your business.

Preferred Choice of Prospects

Become the preferred provider in your market. Experience transformation that elevates you and your services beyond the typical and standard options. 

Accelerated Customer Conversion

Convert prospects faster than with conventional methods. Your distinctive approach attracts new prospects and converts them into loyal customers.

Sustainable Market Leadership

Stay relevant and valuable. Ensure success with strategies that foster continuous enhancement of communications and interactions. 

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Why Differentiation Matters
In an oversaturated market, standing out is crucial. Turn the challenges you face into opportunities for growth.
Here's how differentiation drives revenue:

More Unsolicited Leads

Businesses thrive on an increasing number of unsolicited leads from the market. These fuel growth and ensure a steady flow of potential clients. By attracting prospects without active solicitation, service providers can focus on their expertise while expanding their reach and client base organically.

More Qualified Referrals

Leaders are keen to set up strategic relationships with companies and people with influence who can be rewarded for providing referrals of qualified prospects. Problem is, after the initial flurry of interest, natural leads dry up. Without continual pushing, the results are disappointing.

 Accelerated Client Sales

The most difficult part of every sales executive's job is making sure their Sales Reps secure enough face time with real qualified prospects. Hitting sales metrics isn't just a struggle with your business. It's the #1 complaint of all sales managers, and the #1 excuse for sales rep failure.

 Enhanced Margins

The most difficult part of every sales executive's job is making sure their Sales Reps secure enough face time with real qualified prospects. Hitting sales metrics isn't just a struggle with your business. It's the #1 complaint of all sales managers, and the #1 excuse for sales rep failure.

Industry Credentials
Differentiation Doctor
During a 35-year journey in Professional Business Services, CJ Coolidge become renown for crafting unique, and out-of-the-box business strategies, earning him the title of 'Differentiation Doctor'.

He has a keen understanding of what makes a business stand out and has devoted his career to the art of differentiation. Through dedicated study and application he has developed and tested systems to empower enterprises to pivot from being just another name in the crowd to leading their market.

Curious about the depth of his expertise and his track record? Dive in.

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Discover  CJ's  Story

Our Differentiation Blueprint
Our Differentiation Blueprint takes three independent proprietary systems and weaves them together to guarantee
Unsolicited Leads, More Qualified Referrals, and More Self-Generated Prospect Meetings  by targeting the unique challenges faced by conventional businesses, and turning them into growth opportunities. 


Capture attention with 5-star online reviews. Transition from being overlooked to becoming the market's verifiable top choice.


Experience a proactive network of strategic and local referrals, fueled by initiatives like the Business Growth Podcast and Business Leader Magazine.

AccessBoost Direct
 Engage prospects with High-Value Workshops, Masterminds, and Executive Briefs that  showcase your significant value instantly.

Differentiaiton transforms you from overlooked player to an unrivaled market leader.
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